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Residential & Commerical Services


It happens to all of us. You're taking the trash out, or need to check the mail real quick, and the door shuts behind you. Don't worry, we'll get you back in ASAP!

Garage Locks

The garage door is one of the weakest points of your house and we want to help you secure it! Since it's out in the elements, they tend to fail and break. We can come out and get them replaced for you!

Lock Repair/Rekeying

If you have a broken key stuck in the lock, or just old/warn out key pins. We will disassemble the lock, inspect it and repair and replace damaged parts. We can also rekey the lock so you don't need to replace it if someone moves out.


Are you an apartment owner or just own multiple properties. We can set up all the locks on each floor the whole property to open with your master key.

Key Duplication

Sometimes the amount of keys that comes with a lock isn't enough. people move in, or you just loose a key. Don't worry, we can copy them while you wait!

Non-Destructive Entry

Drilling out a lock or damaging a door doesn't have to be your first option. Using an assortment of tools, we can try many different options before we break out the drill.

Electronic Locks/Key Pads

We can help you bring your locks into the 21st Century with many key-less options!

Surgat Security is pleased to provide the

following additional services:

Security Assessments

Whether you're just worried about your families safety or storing Fort Knox, we don't care! We're just interested in preventing an intrusion.

Pick-Resistant High Security Locks

Let's face it nothing is "Pick-Proof", but with a high security you can make the intruder give up before he makes it in.

Custom Surveillance Systems

We can design and install a custom surveillance system to suit your needs. Anything from just a simple doorbell camera, upto a multi-camera system.

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